Audio Alternatives in RISE


I was looking to get some insight into what everyone is doing with regards to using audio in RISE?

With RISE moving away from auto play and the fact there is no timeline it would appear to me that if you are looking for a narrated course RISE doesn't seem compatible but I wanted to know if anyone has attempted to produce one and could advise how it went?

I was also looking to establish if anyone has found some good workarounds to help achieve a narrated style course? I'm aware we can add audio blocks, some of the interactions can have audio imported and we can add Storyline blocks which can contain audio but these all have their limitations as the Storyline block would all play at once and you would need to click to play the rest which would detract from the experience I would be trying to create.

All input anyone has on this matter would be greatly appreciated.



Happy holidays when it comes :)



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Tom Kuhlmann

Technically, with just audio, you do get narrated content.

However, if you want to sync the narration to other content on the screen that's a bit different. As you noted, Rise doesn't offer a timeline for the audio which is probably where you expect to sync the narration with the other content (text/images).

You either can insert a Storyline block or a video that is sync'd to the audio. If you already have it Storyline you can insert as a Storyline block or you can publish the  Storyline slide as a video. No need to publish the entire course.

Another option is to add the audio to PowerPoint and sync content using PowerPoint's features. And then save that as video. And of course, you can use any video editing tool to create a video.

As far as autoplay, that's something we'll have to contend with as course designers as a lot of the tech is changing, especially considering mobile.

Kevin Fox

Hi Tom,

Thanks for your reply, I understand what you mean regarding the changing tech and the need to change to accommodate it but It would be good to have the option to turn an auto play feature on or off and have the audio capability on all blocks.

The feedback I have had from the business regarding the RISE course I developed all came back with consistent themes being that they loved the look and feel of the course but would have preferred more Audio.

My company has big focus on Inclusion with our courses so having sections without the possibility of containing audio and possibly alienating those with sight difficulties is not something we can accommodate. It would be a shame to not be able to take advantage of RISE as the feedback on the look etc. was so positive so I'm going to utilise the Storyline blocks as a possible work around for my next project so I'm hoping this has the desired effect when reviewing the feedback.