Audio automatically starting when user opens the course

May 08, 2018

Hi, I have to create a course and  I would prefer to do it in Rise. But the client want a speciality: the course should be read out by a voice. That's why I need a audio data for each chapter and this audio data should start automatically.

Any ideas?

Thank you


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Markus,

As you'll see from Adam's response here, we've shied away from the autoplay of media and a number of browsers have started to block it by default unless it's user initiated. 

If you placed an audio block at the start of your lessons, that would allow a user to play it and listen, but as they scroll away from it the audio will pause too. 

I'd love to know a bit more about your course design and needs, as that's always good insight to share with our Product team! 

Erin Mahabir

Hi Ashley, 

To be compliant with Accessibility requirements, we would like the audio to continue playing throughout the page. 

Right now, I've got an audio file that reads out all the content on the page/lesson, but when you click on a tab in an interaction, for example (content that I've included in the audio file), it pauses the audio... Is there a way to override this feature?  It's annoying to...

1) as the user, have to scroll all the way back up to click "play" again, then return to the content being displayed.

2) as the author, record separate audio files for every little piece of the course. Especially when things like Tab interactions don't have an option for it's own audio file! 

Any insight on this? 


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Erin, 

I'm a bit rusty on understanding accessibility guidelines and requirements, but is this internal or to meet a 508 standard? I know our team is looking to gather more information about accessibility needs, so knowing this would be helpful for their planning around features and improvements! 

The audio block in Rise is set up so that it'll play until you move on to the next section or click on a new interaction. 

Also, our ultimate goal is to meet Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG). And we’re currently working on full-screen reader support. So, as we add new features and support we'll share updates here in ELH, but also keep an eye on our "What's New" page and the Rise release notes for details.

Erin Mahabir

We comply with AODA (Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act). 

We have the Windows screen reader installed on all of the computers for our clients to use, and we assume that anyone with a visual impairment knows how to use software like this.  We're glad that Rise is fully readable by the screen reader. 


It's also a way of making the course more interesting for those who don't have a disability, but prefer to learn by listening as they read/view.  

If they could look at ways of continuing the audio throughout the other sections or interaction (especially those that don't have the capability to insert audio, like tabs, etc) then that would really help us out!  

Mark Otley

I also have this issue.

My problem is that most of the students will just click through the content not listen or ready so they can get to the end of the content and start the test. It would be good if the course made it that they had to listen before moving on. and not skip the audio.

Also is there any plans to make it easy to record the course has been completed in SL365 and any plans to add a text to speech in rise? 

Alyssa Gomez

Hi Mark!

It sounds like you need a "disable forward seeking" feature added to the audio block. This would prevent learners from skipping the audio, especially if you added a continue block below it. I'll let our team know about your need.

You also mentioned text to speech – while that feature isn't on our roadmap for Rise 360 right now, you could use the same feature in Storyline 360 and export the audio file to use in Rise.

Finally, you asked if we have plans to make it easy to record the course has been completed in Storyline 360. Can you elaborate on that? I want to be sure I understand what you're looking to do!

Mark Otley

Thank you Alyssa would be good to be able to disable the seek and make it so they have listen to the Audio.

I have found out that I can create the speech in SL365 and export it and add it in to Rise thank you.

At the end of my courses, I add a bit that says click next button to finish the course, I then set the next button to complete the course with a complete/Pass it returns the course to the LMS but does not record it so the course can not advance as it is not showing 100% for the scorm.

Alyssa Gomez

Hi Mark,

It sounds like you have a "complete course" trigger attached to the Next button, is that right?

If so, be sure that the "complete course" trigger is before the "jump to next slide" trigger. Triggers fire in order from top to bottom, so you want the "complete course" trigger to be first.

Finally, when you publish the Storyline 360 content for LMS, be sure to choose the Track using complete course trigger option. 

Let me know if that helps you!