Audio Error in Rise

I keep getting an error when trying to record audio to markers. This doesn't happen on my home laptop but only happens on my work laptop. I'm wondering if it's a firewall issue. I'm using Chrome and Windows. The microphone is functioning as I can see the levels change when I speak. These are 2 second clips of pronunciation. So, tiny files.

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Hazel Bartolome

Hi Sonja!

So sorry to hear that you're getting an error when recording audio in markers when using your work laptop.

  • Does the same behavior happen in all browsers or just a particular browser? (Please check the list of our supported browsers here.)
  • Please go into Incognito mode (Ctrl-Shift-N) then access Rise while in Incognito. Is the behavior the same?
Sonja Moore

Hi there. I reached out again to our IT department and we did a test by disabling ZScaler, which is a cloud security software package. The upload worked fine after it was disabled so they will attempt to whitelist so that I can upload the files with ZScaler enabled. Thanks for following up.