Audio Not Playing from embedded Video when Presenting through Microsoft Teams

Hi Everyone,

We are using Microsoft Teams to facilitate our training sessions virtually during COVID. 

Our facilitators are guiding learners through the training using a course built in Rise 360 with embedded videos from VIMEO. 

When playing videos, Intermittently the audio will fail to play properly through Teams.

Has another else experienced this? Any resolution? Thank you in advance.

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Kirby!

Thanks for sharing how you're using Rise 360 to train your team virtually! 

You mentioned that the audio from an embedded video intermittently fails to play properly through Microsoft Teams. Do you mean that the host presenting the training can hear the audio, but the participants cannot hear the audio? 

If the audio plays correctly on the host's side, then Rise 360 is working as expected. I'll open the floor to other community members who are using Microsoft Teams to share their experiences with you!