Audio Recording issue and Backspace frustrasions!

Aug 09, 2018


I was wondering if any of you wonderful people could help me out with two seperate issues (FYI I am using Firefox)

1. For some reason when I am building a lesson in rise and I press backspace it deletes what I would like to delete and then kicks me out of the lesson and back to the overview page. This is really frustrating especially when I am trying to delete part of a list.

2. For accesability reasons we are putting a audio recording at the top of each lesson which reads through the content on the page. The issue is whenever you click anywhere on the page (for example open a tab on an accordian) it then pauses the recording. The learner would then have to scroll to the top of the page to restart the recording.



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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Erica,

I'd be happy to help.

1. Are you on Firefox for Mac or Windows? Also, do you know what version of Firefox you're using? I tested on Firefox on my Mac and in Windows 10 both using the latest version and didn't run into the same trouble. I don't have a backspace key though only delete on my keyboard. Can you let me know if you see the same regardless of the key you use? Also, it would help if you could take a Peek of the problem? You can include the "Share" link here in your reply! 

2. Only one block is "active" at a time, so if your learner keeps scroll and a new block is in focus or clicked on that'll change the focus from any audio or video, and it'll stop playing. I know this is a concern regarding accessibility for your learners, so I wanted to let you know our team is working on some accessibility improvements and features. If you can share any additional ideas and info about what accessibility needs "looks like" in your courses that would be great. Feel free to detail that here in ELH or as a  feature request!

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