Avatars in Rise Scenario Block: Is it possible to load customized lower resolution avatars?

Sep 03, 2019

I am developing a course for many learners in low bandwidth. Using the new scenario block, we noticed the avatar would take a long time to load. So my questions are:

1. It appears the Rise scenario block only allows Articulate avatars and custom made avatars can not be uploaded. Would someone please verify this is the case?

2. If not possible to load custom made avatars (for lower resolution), what would be some workaround to expedite the avatar loading speed?

Thank you very much for your help!


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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Cathy. I'll let you know if we make changes that allow custom characters in the scenario block. I'm sorry there isn't a workaround for lower bandwidth learners that I can offer!

Some authors have used button stack blocks with text and images to create a branching course. This might work for you if the scenario is the main interaction of your course.