Background available for Flashcards?

Good afternoon, 

I'm loving the Flashcards function in Rise and we'll be using it for some outreach training in both English and Spanish. We want to have more than just the typical white background and maybe put in some stock images behind our text. Is this possible?

It will make updating language in our flashcards much easier vs having to create the text and background as an image. 

I've attached an image of what we had in mind for a background with text in front. 

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Allison LaMotte

Hi Gregg,

Unfortunately, right now it's not possible to add both text and an image to the same side of a flashcard in Rise. The only way to achieve that is to combine the text and image outside of Rise and insert it as an image, as you've mentioned.

If the ability to do this directly in Rise would make authoring easier for you, please log a feature request to tell us more.