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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Tracey!  Your courses are saved automatically as you make edits in Rise.  You can definitely make versions of your course, however, by duplicating it and perhaps having a folder of back-up versions in case you need to revert to a previous edit.

Have you had any trouble with losing content in a Rise course?

Tracey Gee

Hi Crystal,

I love using Rise. Thanks for getting back to me.

I opened Rise and it said there were no courses. As you can imagine I panicked. It is the first time it has happened and then when I tried again a few minutes later it returned to normal and the courses were all there. It just got me wondering if I can save the courses somewhere else (not online in Articulate) but on a hard drive. I store a lot of my other work on a hard drive and regularly update it. Or do courses get saved on my computer and I just have to figure out where? If so, any ideas?

Great tip. For one of my courses, I have made a duplicate and been editing the other version. You guys at Articulate make great tutorials and advice to make life easier.





Leslie McKerchie

Thanks for the feedback Tracey :)

That would have made anyone a tad nervous I'm sure.

All your Rise courses are stored directly in the rise.articulate.com site, and our Trust Center includes more detail on our storage, backups, and security. Are there specific questions you had around how we back up and store your courses? 

If you're looking to keep copies of your Rise course for a "just in case" scenario, you may want to look at the various options here to export the content. Since it's a web-based authoring environment, there aren't source files you can download and upload back to Rise, but all those export options would ensure you have a copy of your courses. 

Tracey Gee

Hi Leslie


Thanks for your reply and information provided.


I appreciate your answers around how things are stored and giving me options
to follow up around having copies of my courses.


I hope your week is treating you well.



Kind regards