Banking pictures for future use?

Oct 24, 2018

When I am perusing your vast image collection I often see an image that would work well in another area of my course. I would love an option to save into a "future use" or "liked" folder or something. As it stands now I have to remember my search criteria and find it again within the alternate spot within the course.

It would be very helpful! Hope I described it properly.

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Katie Riggio

Thanks for the helpful walking-through, Janet! I think you articulated it very well. 😊

While there currently isn't a built-in feature to save or favorite Content Library images, I'm happy to pass along your insight to our team! We're always keen to hear about how we can improve our tools to be more useful, so we love hearing what you'd like to see added.

For now, could saving those images in a folder on your desktop be an option? That way, they'll all be in one place ready for use! Additionally, check out these articles: Two Tips for Using Content Library That’ll Save You Oodles of Time and How to Find the Images You Want in Content Library. Lots of nifty pro-tips there!

Hope that helps!

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