Batch Image Import to Rise Carousel

I have a question regarding whether it's possible to batch import (ie. drag and drop) images to populate the carousel block using Rise.

To give some background, I have many PDF's that I need to incorporate into rise content. Originally I thought *easy* I'll just add the PDF block. The issue is that the users are accessing the material through an Android tablet using chrome and the PDF goes straight to download and does not automatically pop up like it would with a laptop. I'm trying to find some workaround and I thought that I would just save individual PDF pages as JPEG and then upload the JPEGs to the carousel. The issue being I would then need to individually upload each image, which bring me to my question...

Is it possible to use this feature in Rise but to drag and drop images to carousel instead of uploading them individually?

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John Benz

I actually figured out a way to do it for anyone else that's interested. At first I thought you needed to upload each image file individually, but if you click the "Add Image" button it brings up a folder view and you can actually just select multiple image files and it'll upload them all in order that you have them in your folder. So, problem solved.