Best LMSs for Articulate Rise Courses

Sep 05, 2019

I've begun to look into both Moodle and Learndash as an LMS to sell my Rise courses. Any thoughts on how good (or not good) a fit either of these LMSs is with Rise? 

All feedback greatly appreciated! 


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Pankaj Agrawal

Hi Catherine,

If you have a complicated requirement like a university, Moodle might be a good option. However, it comes with a baggage of configurations and settings that requires years to master. If you like default or available themes that is fine, but theme customisation or payment integration will be a nightmare. 

If your requirements are simple, you would be much happier with LearnDash LMS. Adjusting, and changing theme will be much easier. Payment integration will be much easier. 

You might want to get GrassBlade xAPI Companion for uploading and managing content. 

If you need tracking, you might also need an LRS like GrassBlade Cloud LRS. 

Next Software Solutions 
(Makers of GrassBlade)

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