Best method of condensing content on Rise

May 24, 2019

Hi everyone,

I am in the throes of converting a course to Rise.  This particular lecturer has over 40 detailed PowerPoint slides that I am desperately trying to condense into a clean, presentable Rise project.  But I am at my wits end ... This is hopelessly too much information for one lesson on Rise.  And I'm only halfway through.  Any ideas?  Should I just link the remaining slides at the end of the lesson and save myself the hassle?  Or is there another way?

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CT  Learning

Hi Melissa,

When we have rather large modules to convert, and don't want the end user to be scrolling for days we use accordions, tabs, label graphics (customized in PS or AI) and we have even used the image carousel and entered the text in the caption area. There's still a lot of options we'd like to see Rise incorporate, but that's what we have done so far...