Best Practices for Shared Editing in Rise

Jan 20, 2021

My team would like to share access to our final Rise course source files with one another. For example, if a team member is out of the office and small edits are requested to one of their courses, we will need a way for another team member to access the course and make the edits. We are new to Rise and are hoping to set up a process that will grow with us over time.

I am interested in hearing of any best practices or tips that others have used in sharing Rise authoring files across a team. Thanks!

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Karl Muller

Hi Amy,

Rise has a feature that allows you add other team members a course collaborators. That will allow them to edit the courses.


We are just a small team and all Rise edits come through our Team Lead that assigns the work to a specific person. Once the edits have been made the author is required to update a master spreadsheet with the date of the change, who made the change, and a description of the exact change. The spreadsheet also tracks if the course was republished and uploaded to the LMS. So we always know the exact status of each course.