Black color above and below video

I have a video that is not in a typical 16x9 ratio (it's a little more narrow). The problem I have is that Rise is padding the top and bottom with black (which doesn't look very good). Is there anyway at all to change that color to match the background? This is a presentation that is being exported out as "No LMS - Web Only" so, maybe, I could alter the html code if I knew where to look.

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Steve,

I took a look at the Video lesson and using a Multimedia Block with a video, and both showed me the black bars on the sides (not the top and bottom as you saw). So perhaps you were using a different lesson type than I was? 

They are added automatically and there isn't an editing option to change the overall width, but I'd be happy to share this with our team. Can you provide a bit more insight into how this impacts your course experience?

Steve Barnier

Well, mostly it just makes the video look like it was unprofessionally produced. Apparently, Rise is looking for videos with a 16x9 ratio. If it's too short lengthwise it adds bars on the right and left to fill out the 16x9 space. If it's not tall enough, it adds bars on the top and bottom. At least, that's what it looks like is going on to me.