Blank screen for Rise in Google Chrome?

Hi team,

We just published a SCORM 1.2 file to our LMS, and we've had sporadic issues with our learners receiving a blank screen when they use Google Chrome. From some research, looks like this has been an issue in the past with Storyline files, but not Rise. I'm on version 73 for Chrome and can access the training. I've ensured Flash is on for all the folks who have had issues, and still no access. 

Thank you!

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Lindsay Hoyle

As an update, those that have had issues have the same version of Chrome that I do - as well as the same settings. We've had less than 10 folks in our company with this issue, but given the eLearn in question did not go to our entire audience, this could be a much larger impact moving forward.

Shelley  Jeffress

Chrome had another update yesterday to Version 74.0.3729.108.  We now have roughly 7K folks experiencing this issue with a blank screen.  We too have checked browser settings and nothing seems to work.  The currently published courses in our LMS still works in Mozilla, IE11 or Edge.   We have submitted a support ticket since this is the only other mention of an issue we can locate.  Have there been any suggestions on a solution yet?