Block Entrance Animations


Can someone help me understand what this ON/OFF does on the Block Entrance Animations feature under SETTINGS?

Here is context.  I have created a RISE 360 and a SME reviewed and had this feedback "When I started this page, the recording at the bottom started immediately and didn’t make any sense.  It needs to only start when you scroll to the bottom to begin."

1) I can't recreate this behavior

2) I am wondering if this feature "Block Entrance Animations" will help with this... but again, it does not do it for me.

Thanks in advance!


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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Heather. Block entrance animations allow your blocks to animate into view, with a smooth fade or a slight slide. 

However, the animations probably won't help with the block you have at the bottom that automatically starts. What type of block is it? If it's a Storyline block with audio, it will automatically start playing in some browsers. You can prevent that with a continue block just before it. Continue blocks need learners to click them to reveal additional lesson content beneath.

Let me know how you make out!