block templates not copying

Aug 26, 2020

I've been having trouble the last few days with block templates. I often build content or header styles and then use the templates to move content between lessons or sections, or paste the same styles to a new part of the course (or between courses). It often spins and spins instead of inserting it, then other times if I try again it works right away.

When will rise have a function to copy multiple blocks and move them in a lesson, or move between lessons without saving a template? This process is really clunky right now. 

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Amy Hengst

Hi Alyssa, thanks for responding!

I use Google Chrome only (on a PC). I will try logging out and logging back in next time. I feel like I've had a few hiccups in general with Rise lately. It booted me once or twice as well (crashed) and uploading videos seemed to drag. My internet otherwise has worked great with no other lag/bandwidth/video conferencing problems so I'm inclined to think the issues were from the articulate side of things.

If it happens again I will log out and back in and see if that helps clear it up!


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