Blocks Side By Side and Horizontal Scrolling

Nov 14, 2018

I love Rise. I do have some suggestions and requests.

I create many case studies featuring video interviews in multiple languages. For the videos I always provide a concept overview in bullet point form to highlight the key concepts of the videos. It would be great if Articulate can develop a feature where you can have 2 blocks next to each other horizontally. This would allow for videos on one side, and then relevant content on the other.

The other suggestion, scrolling vertically is great but for some modules and LMSs it would be great to have the ability to scroll horizontally. In other words, if you have 1 block in a section, then instead of scrolling down, it would be great to be able to simply scroll to the left or right to get to the next section.

Keep up the amazing work!!!

Adriaan Van Nieuwkerk

Sales Enablement Learning Designer

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Marc Dickstein

This also may solve the other feature request that someone else posted and I am also interested in:  Having questions about a video or photo next to the movie or image would allow for one to keep that file in view while answering the question(s).  Same idea--splitting the frame with uploaded video on one side, and text (or questions) on the other....

Darren McNeill

Yup. Just an hour ago, for a project that has been developing for 3 months, we got the feedback from User Acceptance Testing and 90% of them responded with, liking the content and layout but prefer horizontal navigation instead of Vertical.

Whole thing has to be scrapped and rebuilt now in Storyline where having the option to scroll horizontally would quickly solve the issue.

We have to go with the users needs rather than what we think they might like... A different audience would prefer the vertical scrolling as we have published content in Rise already, but a different type of audience.