Bookmarking Learner Progress in Rise: Published as HTML

Jul 30, 2019


I've exported a Rise course as HTML and added it within the LMS through a navigation link to the index.html file.  We chose HTML because we load the course in the same frame, which allows learners to make the connection from the instructions listed in Rise and the LMS navigation linked to the assignment (see screen illustration below). However, the unexpected occurred and the learner progress is not saved when the learner resumes the course. 

So, my first question is does Rise bookmark learner progress when published as HTML?  If so, why is it not bookmarking learner progress so that they can resume where they left off?  If not, does anyone have another thought on how SCORM can load in the same frame?  Do I put the entire course into Storyline?  Argh!  Thank you in advance for your help!

Rise Course Launching in LMS


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Robin Z

Hi Crystal, thank you for the clarification!  I uploaded the content into the LMS, which is why I thought it would bookmark.  I'll check with the LMS vendor to see if they are aware of a setting.  I didn't see the option in the configuration.  Alternatively, I tried placing the content in Storyline but the Rise screen decreases substantially. So, I think it might have to be SCORM. 

Does Articulate have any plans to create an LTI link to the courses?  Is there a possibility of using Articulate Online with an LTI link?  Thank you again!  Robin

Karl Muller

HTML cannot pass any SCORM data to the LMS and vice versa. So if you need learner progress tracking you need to publish as SCORM.

We originally launched our Rise courses in the same window as the LMS for very similar reasons that you mentioned in your screenshot. We have some PDFs and other course information in the LMS and we wanted to keep everything together, 

However, we found that the LMS used too much space in the UI, which limited the space available for the course itself.

We soon changed our minds and now our courses launch in their own window and this is a huge improvement.

Learners quickly learn to get what they need from the LMS separately form the Rise course.

Crystal Horn

Hi there, Robin. If you export for LMS, it should allow your learners to resume their progress after leaving a course. If that's not working, I'd start with uploading the same content to SCORM Cloud and testing there.

The SCORM output of your Rise 360 course should give you what you need for reporting. We don't have plans to offer an option to export your Rise 360 courses to Articulate Online.

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