Bookmarking / reporting issue after error in SCORM 1.2 LMS Course - tracked via Storyline block

Jul 21, 2020

I have a course that was build in Rise, with an added Storyline block for a graded Final Assessment which is running into LMS reporting/bookmarking issues with the LMS and causing issues for successful completion.  

Course was exported as an LMS Scorm 1.2, set for Tracking using Storyline block (the graded Final Assessment) and has been running well for most, but am having an high amount of ticket requests for assistance when learner encounters a load error on the video player (see screenshot). Upon refreshing, their progress has not been recorded and they must start the course again.  This has happened on multiple browsers (Edge, Chrome).  

Do Rise courses still bookmark/report to the LMS automatically with each page when using the Track using Storyline block setting, or do I need to switch to the Track using course completion 100% (includes the Reporting of Passed/Incomplete) to have it bookmark for each?


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