Branched Scenario in Rise where branching is determined by a quiz

We would like to do a branched scenario in Rise with multiple topics. We want the learner to take a quiz and if they pass, move to the next topic in Rise. If they fail, they would continue in the current section and see the content about the topic they were quizzed on. This allows us to bypass content when the learner already knows the material. Is there a way to take one action when a user passes a quiz and a different action when the user fails a quiz? We know how to use a continue block that is only active if they pass but can't figure out how to branch to a different location if they fail. If there is a way to use Storyline with Rise for this, that will work as well.

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Alyssa Gomez

Hey Rebecca!

I'm happy to brainstorm ideas with you! It's possible to create branched scenarios in Rise, and we've even seen some examples from folks in the community like Zsolt's example here and Chet's example here. 

However, using multiple quizzes and branching based on quiz scores in Rise does make things more complicated.

Can you tell me more about why you want to use Rise for this course? If you used Storyline 360 instead, you could create a fully-customized, scenario-based course with as many branches and quizzes as you like! 

Still not sure which tool to use? Check out our insider tips for how the pros use Rise and Storyline 360. I'd love to hear what the community would recommend to you, as well!

Alyssa Gomez

Hi Rebecca,

I'd love to hear your ideas! We can keep our conversation going here in this discussion, or if you'd rather discuss privately, you can start a case with us by clicking here

Finally, if you have new ideas on ways we can enhance Rise to work even better for your team, let us know in a feature request here

Rebecca Fritzson

We are developing a course that has 4 topics that are prerequisites. Attendees may have competency in one or all 4 of these topics, but they are definitely needed to understand the main course. We want to develop a Rise workbook that works both for training and for reference. So we wanted to test on topic one, if they pass, they move on to topic 2 test. If they fail, they take the topic one training, then move to topic 2 test. and then each of the 4 topics works in this way, where they take a test and then move on if they pass, and take content if they fail.

The reason we want to use Rise is that we love the ability to incorporate video, text, and files to be downloaded all presented in a way that doesn't look like traditional eLearning. And this format makes it easy to use as a reference because they can go right to the section needed at any time.

While we know we could develop it in Storyline, our development times are longer and require voice over which adds to the timeline.  

If this doesn't make sense, we can add a flow chart of what we want.

Alyssa Gomez

Hi Rebecca, 

Thanks for sharing that context!  All of that definitely makes sense, and I can understand why you'd want to use Rise to save lots of development time.

While branching is not yet a feature of Rise, we are tracking requests for this ability. I'll tag this conversation to the request's report so that we can keep you in the loop with any updates! The What's New, What's Next and Rise Version History pages are other great places to follow. 

I do have a few more suggestions for you, though! Check out the designs in these similar discussions:

Hope that helps, and thanks for letting us know what you'd like to see!