Branching in Rise without scenarios

Hi Everyone,

How would you create the following, and where is it covered in the Rise training and user guide?

In a lesson, when the learner clicks on a specific part of any kind of graphic or image Rise will jump to a specific lesson or section in the course.  How do you get them to go back to the graphic when they have completed that section or lesson, or just want to go back?

Thank you.

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Karl Muller

Rise does not provide the functionality to add any kind of a link to an image, nor a specific part of an image.

The only way to jump to a different Lesson in the course is by using a Button Block. Note that the button block link will take the learner to the start of the destination lesson.

You can also use a button block in the destination Lesson to get back to the original Lesson.

So this does not seem to meet your precise needs.