Branching with Multiple Quizzes in Rise

I just started my first project in Rise and love it! Within my project, I'd like to include branching, which I plan to do with the buttons stack. This will allow my learners to only view the content that is relevant for them. For sake of example, let's say I'm doing a training on fruit. There are some common things that everyone needs to know about fruit but then I have apple specialists and orange specialists that need specific content. The apple specialists don't need to know about oranges and vice versa.

Where I'm getting stuck is on the quiz at the end. Depending on what content learners viewed, the quiz questions they need to answer would be different (i.e. I don't want to ask a question about oranges to my apple specialists). Any suggestions on how to accomplish this? I've thought of branching the course to 2 different Rise courses, but I'm not sure how that will work in my LMS. If I assign everyone the overall "fruit" course but then they complete the "apple" course quiz, how will that track back to my LMS to indicate that the fruit course is complete? 

Thanks in advance!

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Crystal Horn

Hi Nicole!  I love how creative you're being with your course development, and I'm glad that you're loving Rise!  It's been a game changer.  😉

Rise has the ability to track your course by a single quiz result, so you'd have to choose which quiz you're evaluating.  That feature might change the way you're developing your course, since you'd be branching your learners to exclusive content and quizzes.

Is there general information that can be covered for all learners with a main course?  Could you subsequently create specialty Rise courses for each group?  You can use the Duplicate feature on your Rise dashboard to quickly create copies of your course from which to work.

I hope that gives you some guidance.  Let me know your thoughts!

Nicole Whitehead

Thanks for the response, Crystal. I think that's the path I'm going to take - one basic course for everyone and then 2 separate more specialized courses. In my LMS, I'll make it part of a learning plan where my learners have to complete the basic course and at least one of the specialized courses to have the overall plan marked as complete. Thanks again!

Andrew Ratner

Hi Nicole. One thing I'm realizing with the potential for turning off the navigation panel (which is a new feature in Rise) is simulating branching. If, for example, you turned off the navigation panel, you could combine a basic course with two specialized courses (one for apple, and one for orange) all in one, and, after the end of the basic course, you could put a button stack that directed them to the apple specialized or the orange specialized. Playing around with the architecture of the course in terms of how it branches is definitely possible here, also.

Tonie Miller

More questions: Since the tracking only allows for one quiz, I assume I need to duplicate the course and add a link to the quiz in duplicated material in order to overcome the issue of only being able to select one of the quizzes when exporting to an LMS, however will the LMS still be able to access the second course material and how will calculations work in the copied course?

I just tried to add the link to the copied course material, but when I get to the end of the quiz it calculates the total, but doesn't move forward to the course summary which is part of the duplicated course.. Please help.