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Nov 23, 2017

Hi, couple of small bugs seem to be coming up when viewing content of Rise on mobile phones.

I have noticed that captions under carousel pictures don't have the same alignment (eg - if you have a large caption amount of text its placed centrally rather than at the top which means you get a large white space under the pictures  and users are not seeing that there is a caption at all. (All the caption text needs to be aligned to the top)

Another bug is that feedback text on a question will not display all of the text available and gets cut off. Works well on desktop but mobile users don't get to see all the text, and a scrollbar does not appear either!

Hard to show with screen shots as its only on mobile but I can supply link if needed. Anyone else see these bugs?


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Paul Knights

Hi Ashley, thanks for the reply - I have a couple of links to share:



I have also attached the desktop screenshots to show you what's going on etc.

In topic 1 answer the question after the video and you will notice the feedback text gets cut off after the word "forced" on the mobile version. No scroll bar either. Looks fine on desktop though!

In topic 2 within the Summary page, after completing the flip cards notice how on the carousel the text (which is in the caption field) is aligned vertically at different heights. This means on a mobile view the text/paragraph can be hidden way down the screen. If it was aligned to the top this would not happen however long or short the paragraph was.

I also included the last screenshot to show another bug in relation to pop-up boxes. Notice how the text is obscured by a white gradient. Not all boxes show this but a few do which is very odd.

I can provide a link to this module if you need it too.

Thanks, pk.



Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Paul,

Thanks for sharing the links and the screenshots. I saw the same as you mentioned for Topic 1 where the feedback text is not displayed entirely while viewing on mobile (iOS 10.3, iPhone 6S) but on a desktop browser resized to be a similar set up is displayed fine. I'll share this with our QA team. In the meantime, I did notice that if you rotate the phone from portrait to landscape view, the text all displayed accurately. 

For topic 2 and the vertical alignment - are they set to be aligned in the middle perhaps, or with additional spacing at the top of the text field? Perhaps you could show me the settings you've applied to those fields in a Peek recording?

The greyed out text is by design, when the text exceeds the set caption area, as that is the indication to scroll and be able to view more of the text. 

Paul Knights
Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Thanks Paul - those videos were really helpful! I gave it a test myself, and I think I see what it is doing. The text does appear to be bottom aligned, and it appears as if the spacing is based off the largest space needed for the text - so forcing the others towards the bottom. I'll share this with my team to see if we can look at either changing to a top alignment or allowing the author to control the spacing.

Thanks for sticking with me and sharing a bit more info! 

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