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I have completed many "courses" which can be opened independently. I now want to create a text book using the courses. (The courses are now lessons in the text book.) I created a new course. I then copied the lessons I wanted to the new course - but I am having two problems.... The former courses that I created are independent. It would be nice to be able to move easily from lesson to lesson, much like when the initial independent courses were created. Is that possible. The second question relates to moving the lessons in the course. When I copy the "courses" I created they appear in alphabetical order or in the order I inputted them. Is it possible to change the order? Thanks for your help.

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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Bill! I created a quick screencast on how to move content around in your Rise 360 courses. You should be able to:

  • Copy lessons to another course
  • Reorder lessons within a course
  • Reorder blocks within a lesson
  • Copy blocks to other lessons and courses with block templates

Let me know if I missed anything!

Bill Lindenmuth

Thanks Crystal,

I believe your video will be very helpful. I did not know about copying and
moving block templates. I will try to use your information this morning.

Thanks again,

Bill Lindenmuth
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Bill Lindenmuth

Thanks for getting back to me Alyssa.

Is a HTML Snippet the same as a URL link. I thought it was. Here is the
code Calculate Stuff sent me. I would like to place the interactive
exercise where Nerd Wallet is now. Can that be done? Here is a link to the


Bill Lindenmuth

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Crystal Horn

Hello Bill!

The code from Calculate Stuff didn't come through in your last reply. If it's a URL or a code that looks something like this: <iframe src=""></iframe>, you'll be able to use an embed block.

The snippet block is for showing your learner what code to use, not for actually executing or launching the html interaction. Use the embed block instead.

If that doesn't work, can you copy that code into your reply here? Thanks!