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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Thanks, David for chiming in. It's an idea that's been shared with our team, but it's not on the roadmap yet for including additional options to format bullets and their color in Rise. 

It's always helpful to know how many folks would like this feature, as that helps us prioritize.  Sharing here in ELH or submitting a feature request to our product team are both great options. 

Wendy Farmer

Hi Ashley

just as an example - if you change the background to a darker colour and change the font to white, you can't match the bullet points which makes it look 'unfinished'. In the first image I still had the colour theme as the default orange so you can see the orange bullets showing through

In this example I changed the theme to the darker red and so with the numbered list you lose the coloured circles

So I'm a definite +1 to be able to recolour bullet points and the circles / checkboxes for the other lists.

David Tait

I really hope it finds it's way on to the roadmap soon as currently whenever I have a need for sub-bullets in a list I am unable to use the lists block due to the lack of support for sub-bullets. 

When I use a text block and add bullets/sub-bullets in this way instead, the bullets are a different colour to the lists block items. This isn't ideal and always gets pulled up by clients as they see it as a simple fix we should be able to implement.