Bundling Rise courses

Jan 26, 2021

Hi there! My team builds courses that get translated into nine languages—typically. Ideally we would like to be able to bundle/package all languages to act as one course where there is a home screen that requests the learner to select the language they'd like to take. Years ago, someone in the E-Learning Heroes community helped my team create a bundle template for Storyline courses, but now we need help building one for Rise courses. Is there anyone out there who can assist?! Thanks in advance! 

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Erin S

Yes, that's what we do; however, I'm referring to after the languages have been published individually. See the detail below and attached screenshot for an example of the file structure we use with Storyline course bundles—that might help clear things up. 

  1. Extract each language into its own sub-directory (e.g., en, es, etc).
  2. Move the metadata files from the English version to the root directory. (delete them for all other languages)
    • adlcp_rootv1p2.xsd
    • ims_xml.xsd
    • imscp_rootv1p1p2.xsd
    • imsmanifest.xml
    • imsmd_rootv1p2p1.xsd
  3. Change the href of the main <resource> in the new imsmanifest.xml file to index.html.
    • <resource identifier="__6SaFoCZzmnS_course_id_RES" type="webcontent" href="index.html" adlcp:scormtype="sco">
  4. Edit the imsmanifest.xml
    • Add the language code to the beginning of each itemís URL (e.g., <file href="en/story_content/thumbnail.jpg" />).
    • Add a <file> entry for the new "index.html" file (e.g., <file href="index.html" /> and WU.png).
    • Copy all the href="en/ file paths and make a duplicate version for all other languages (href="es/ href="fr/ etc.)
  5. Edit the index.html to include all language folders and drop down menu links, and change the course title
  6. Select all language folders, index.html, imsmanifest.xml, etc., and zip up the new SCORM package. 


Hopefully this makes more sense! 

Erin S

That's actually why I was posting. I had originally reached out through chat support and they suggested I post here for the same reason. 😜 

Are you able to tell me which file the LMS uses when it loads the course? From my testing it seems like it's the indexAPI.html file inside the scormdriver folder. Is that correct?