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Feb 25, 2020

Hi all,

A question, and a hope/wish for button stacks.

Q: I have a button stack in a rise course to provide options for email and direct link to a website. The email button doesn't work once my SCORM is loaded into the LMS. The question is if this is an LMS, Rise, or formatting issue? I've tried to format the button with a standard email address, mailto prompt, and even dropping the button to just use plain text with a mailto prompt as a hyperlink, and still does nothing in the LMS. Buttons work fine in preview in Rise, so it leads me to believe it's an LMS issue, but thought I'd ask if this has come up in other LMSs, and if there are workarounds. 

Hope/wish: A button option for calling a number.


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Alyssa Gomez

Hi there Andrew! 

Thanks for letting us know you need a "call a phone number" option in a button block. Would this be for learners viewing the course on a mobile device? 

In regards to the email button, you do not need to type "mailto:" in the field. Simply choose Send an email as the destination.

You mentioned this button isn't working on your LMS, so try testing the course outside your LMS. At the top of the Rise 360 course, click the Share button. Copy the URL, and paste it in a new browser window. Does the email button work correctly there?

Let me know how it goes!

Andrew De Torres

Q1: Yes. Majority of my users are accessing content from mobile. 

Q2: Yes. It works just fine in preview mode, and in the preview link, so I'm asking the dev team of our LMS.

One more pipe dream for the roadmap: being able to have the mail button prompt the mail app you currently use i.e. I ditched the mail app on iOS for gmail, and the button prompts me to restore mail.


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