Calling Storyline Variables in Rise

Apr 27, 2019

I am creating a course in Rise 360 which includes embedded Storyline 360 interactive resources.  

Learners will be asked to input various elements in the Storyline resources (e.g. slider input, text input).  

I would like to capture those variables and use later in the Rise course - either in a separate Storyline resource or by embedding the same resource again. 

However, the variables reset to default when the learner moves on from the Rise lesson.

The Storyline resource also resets navigation to 'initial state' rather than 'saved state' when revisiting despite the setting being changed before publishing in Storyline.

Is what I am trying to achieve possible with a Rise/Storyline combination?



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steve randles

Hi All,

I am relatively new to Rise 360 and articulate, I have been trying to add a certificate to my courses and after many hour arrived back here, is anyone able to to share or point me in the direction of the storyline file to make this happen? would really appreciate the support on this one? Thanks in advanced. Steve 

Devin Hintze

If you're a Microsoft user, you could embed a form and build a process to create & send a certificate automatically using Power Automate. That's what I do for courses hosted outside an LMS.

As shown in the image, users complete a form within Rise, which triggers the flow to populate a word document, create a pdf, send an email, then delete the file. Storyline isn't involved.

Your flow doesn't have to look like this exactly. For this flow, I'm keeping time-stamped copies of the pdfs as a backup but deleting the word documents.