can I convert a Rise course from articulate review, back to

Hi all,

Silly me, I have mistakenly deleted a course that was here

Now I still have the course in the review cloud, here:

Is there a possibility to convert this review version back to I hope yes since I wouldn't want to rebuild the course again.

Thanks in advance and best regards

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Roland Straub

Btw, I just noticed another step,

that I still have in the review cloud, am sure to have had it in the development cloud and now it's gone. What can I possibly have done, to make them disappear?

I duplicated the steps to translate them but I made sure to give the duplicate a french title. So I don't think, I overwrote them by accident.

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Roland,

The Deleted Courses folder is only for entire courses, not individual lessons within a course. If you deleted a lesson, you'd see an Undo appear briefly in case it was an accident. Otherwise, the lesson is removed entirely. It seems possible that the lessons were deleted by mistake perhaps after you duplicated them? As a web-based authoring tool, Rise updates in real time and any changes you make are reflected instantly. 

Roland Straub

Hi Ashley.

Thx for your reply. However, there seems to be a misunderstanding, as the steps I mentioned are actually courses and not only single lessons.

I mean, there are two links of two courses that are still there in the review but neither on my rise account nor in the "Deleted course" folder. I don't think that, but maybe I was so stupid to overwrite the courses.

Thx anyway and I will be more careful in the future and maybe place a new feature request, for an option to convert review courses back to rise.

Have a nice weekend and best regards

Crystal Horn

Thanks for clarifying, Roland!

Do you have just the links to the Articulate Review content, or do you see them in your Articulate Review dashboard? If you only have the links, could they have been created with a different Articulate ID?

If they're in the dashboard, do you see when the courses were last updated in Articulate Review?  In this case, I have two theories:

  • The courses were deleted prior to us releasing the Folders and Deleted Courses feature last October.
  • Or, the courses were accidentally emptied from the Deleted Courses folder.  If this is the case, I don't think this was a "stupid" move on your part.  Sometimes when we're cleaning up, stuff happens.

I'm sorry we don't have a way to pull it out of Review, but I'm glad you made the feature request to express your need!  Have a great weekend.

Roland Straub

Hi Crystal

Btw, congratulations to your parents, for your very pretty first name :-).

Consider this settled. Meantime I redid the steps and all of my other steps are still there. Maybe I overwrote them by mistake after all. I'll watch out closely in the future and if it occurs again I will get back to you guys. But can I ask you a small Rise question you can certainly answer quickly?

Have a nice weekend and best regards