Can I import selected storyline 360 slides into Rise?

I am planning to create a full course in Rise which will consist mainly of Storyline imported slides, but want to use the Rise navigation exclusively.
If I understand correctly, at the moment, I have to publish each individual Storyline slide on Review 360, then retrieve each one separately when uploading them on Rise.
My question is: Would it be possible to enable users to publish a full course on Review, then pick selected slides when uploading on Rise?
The same way I can select individual slides when I import an existing project in a storyline course (see picture attached)
That would be super helpful. Thank you

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Crystal Horn

Hello, Jean-David. Your understanding is correct! To bring individual slides into Rise 360 lessons, you'll need to publish those individual slides to Review 360. When you add a Storyline block, it will include the entire Storyline output that was published to Review 360 as a package.

It works a bit differently than importing Storyline slides from one project in Storyline to another. When you're working with a .story file, you'll be able to import and work with individual slides. Once you publish a Storyline interaction, it becomes a package that cannot be edited or taken apart.

We'll let you know if we make any changes to that workflow, however.

Alyssa Gomez

Hi Donna!

You can embed Storyline 360 content in Rise 360 using a Storyline Block. This article explains how to do that!

The only way you can track learner completion data is to host the course on a learning management system (LMS). Does your organization need a place for hosting Rise 360 content to track learner data?