Can learners input into Rise to aid their learning

Is it possible for learners to input directly into Rise if we were to ask them a question? I want our learners to access Rise before they arrive at a classroom learning intervention (spaced learning principle) and as part of the learning module to enter in their learning objectives, any questions about content that has been covered etc. so that they can go back and reflect on these when they finish the programme to help embed learning. I think this will help Rise become the one-stop-shop for digital learning for our learners rather than having to make notes on paper or in the notes section on their phone - a much better learner experience. Thanks

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Leslie McKerchie

Hello Pete and welcome to E-Learning Heroes 😊

I like your idea and I could see where that would be helpful for a complete learning experience. I have submitted your idea with the reasoning you've shared here to our product development team. We love when users share ideas and use case for the software.