Can lessons be added to a Rise course after it has been exported to LMS in order to control recipients' time spent on lessons.

May 30, 2017


I'm currently developing a course for a program that is intended to last for 12 weeks.  We plan to offer 2-3 lessons per week whereby the learners will apply what they learn during the week following each lesson. Therefore, we don't want the learners to be able to go through the whole 12 weeks of lessons at a pace faster than the full 12 weeks. In other words, we want to add lessons each week in order to control their pace. Is this strategy even possible in Rise?

Additionally, if it is possible, is there a method for tracking whether or not they completed each lesson other than having a quiz at the end of each lesson?

Any suggestions or info that you can provide will be greatly appreciated.

Marty Evans

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Mike Enders

Hi Marty,

It's not possible to add lessons post export for the LMS. The exported package has no connection back to the authoring environment. 

I'm not sure if your LMS has an adaptive release function, but if so, you might create individual lessons in Rise, load them to the LMS and then have the LMS release those over the course of a designated time period. 

As for tracking, you can choose to track learner's completion via percentage of the course/lesson marked as complete (instead of via a quiz).

If you wish to control their pace through the module (to assure that they are completing various sections) we just released a new continue block that allows you to require completion of section (say, a tabs interaction) before the learner can proceed.

I hope this helps a little bit!



Martin Evans


Thanks for your reply. Your answer was just what I had imagined (no ability
to add lessons post export to LMS). Thanks for the suggestion regarding
checking the LMS to see if it can release lessons over a designated time
period. And yes, I was already familiar with the "Continue" block.

Kind regards,

Marty Evans

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