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Carrie Stackhouse

Having same issue, #02568546, is something amiss at articulate? I tried duplicating, different browsers, etc.  Every course I have already made is not exporting, however when i make a new course jus with a few lessons that is exporting.   I have always been able to export all these courses in the past, I suspect something has changed on the Articulate side.


Carrie Stackhouse

Hello I think they may be in a different time zone and I need help asap.
This has to be something you all changed on your side, all my older courses I created do not export anymore, last week they were....just fine. And nothing has changed.
Any new courses I make now with exact same content now export..... I need my older courses to export without having to redo them all.

I copied my reply below:


Still having issues publishing to a PDF file.

Clearing cache did not work

Making a duplicate did not work

The course will publish to LMS and to a review link None of my prior courses will publish to PDF When I make a simple course with one text block it does export to a pdf (but this does not help my issue) Incognito mode I really don't want to have to remake the course with the blocks method, that is going to take a long time