Can we enforce 2 hours seat time in a Rise course?

Feb 19, 2019

Hello all!  I've got a pending development project using Rise.  The course is a yearly compliance topic, and the customer is requesting that learners spend a minimum of 2 hours in the course before allowing completion.  This would be fairly simple in Storyline or Lectora, but I'm challenged to find a method of enforcing this seat time in Rise.  Has anyone had a similar requirement in a Rise project?  If so, were you able to use either a built-in or outside-the-box solution to meet it?

Note that we intend on using the other "compliance" related features of Rise such as restricted navigation, continue blocks, and a scored assessment.

Thanks in advance everyone!

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Tom Kuhlmann

You could build what you need in Storyline and insert it into a block in Rise. What were you doing in Storyline?

Another option is to add one thousand quiz questions :)

Do you have 2 hours of content? If they're videos and audio you can lock those things, then lock all navigation.

If there isn't two hours of content, then whatever you do is merely a means of locking the navigation or creating some sort of wall that meets the desired timeframe. Not an ideal learning experience and probably a waste of the organization's time forcing people to stay in a course when not really learning or doing anything.

Personally, I'd push back on why it's a 2 hour requirement. I've had SMEs say it was the law, but when challenged they weren't able to produce a law that really required it.

If it is required and you don't have 2 hrs of content, you'll have to get creative. You have Storyline blocks and embed blocks that allow you to append the content outside of what you get in Rise.