Can we restrict "Next button" navigation within Carousel Image in Rise?


I have developed a comic story using block feature in Rise. I have used text blocks for narration and carousel for the comic strips (graphics). Each of the carousels have two or three images followed by text narration block. My question is, can I block the next button on the carousel once the user has seen all the images? Is it possible? Any response is appreciated. 



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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Debz,

Really cool idea! I'd love to see a sample of your finished product. 😄

While there isn't a way to "restrict" the next button in a Rise carousel block, have you considered building the comic strip in Storyline? Using Storyline, you're free to customize the interaction any way you'd like.

Then, you could embed the Storyline slide into Rise using the Storyline Block for a seamless look.