Cannot Paste Images on Interactive Tab in Rise

We are creating courses using interactive tabs. On one tab, we paste an image and link it to a document. The user just has to click the image, and the document appears. We do a similar thing on another tab where we link to a published StoryLine simulation.

Prior to the July 31 update, this process was working. After the update, the image no longer pastes, therefore, we can no longer attach links. We tried this in IE, Firefox, and Chrome, and the image will not paste. 

I did report this issue. Anyone else experiencing this?

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Bruce,

I think you've also been chatting with my colleague Robert - and you're right, we implemented a change in the last few days. That change preventing the pasting of images into a block of text and resolved some other issues that occurred with Rise last week. 

I watched the video you shared with Robert and had an idea. Instead of pasting in the image, add the text directly to the Tabs Interaction, then hyperlink the text to the online document.  Would that meet your needs? 

Also, keep in mind when authoring in Rise you'll want to use Safari, Edge, Firefox or Chrome - not Internet Explorer as it's not supported. 

Bruce Fleischacker

I know we can hyperlink the text, but the lessons created so far have been using the image. We want consistency with all of our lessons. That said, this means we have to go back and change the hyperlink from image to text.

Here's the reason for hyperlinking an image: When we embed a link to a piece of documentation, we get a picture and a paragraph as part of that interactive tab. We can click the image and the document opens. This is perfect for us and our users. Since documents with an anchor don't work in Rise, our workaround is to paste a picture on the tab, and then hyperlink it, as you saw in my video.

So, pasting images on an interactive tab is no longer a function of Rise? Why was this taken away?

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Bruce, 

I'm sorry this has caused some extra work for you to make those courses consistent. Certainly not what we intended, but instead focused on fixing a bug in Rise that allowed images to be pasted into text fields. The fix was necessary, as the images were putting a heavy strain on the Rise database and contributed to a service outage on July 27, 2018. To prevent similar outages, we fixed the bug in our text editor, which means images can no longer be pasted into Rise. 

As for the anchors you'd like to use, those are working for me in Rise, so I'd like to know a bit more about the steps you've tried to set that up. It may be easiest if you can take a Peek and walk me through it? 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Bruce,

I did a bit more testing and it does seem that embedding the content strips out all the anchors and I'll file a report on that bug with my team! 

As I was discussing this with a colleague, he created a couple more examples based on your desire for a link +anchor, and you'll see those two here.  The top one is set to look exactly like what you already have, but it's standard text in the Tab interaction that's been formatted as such. 

I'll let you know here as soon as I have any additional info on the issue with embedding links with anchors.