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Crystal Horn

Hello, Kishore. The Storyline block is built especially to host Storyline output that has been published to Review 360. There isn't a way to upload your Captivate output to Review 360.

Alternatively, you can use the embed block as long as the Captivate content is hosted on a server that is accessible to your learners.

Matt Frakes

Chino - I apologize, should have been more specific here.  So, we have a bunch of training modules that were authored in Captivate and published to an LMS.  We have moved to Articulate 360 over the past two years and so longer have Captivate access.  I have confirmed that we cannot embed a link from our LMS due to user authentication issues we cannot resolve at this time.  We may have another server we can place them on, but that is not an 100% option yet.  So, I am looking to see if there is any other way that has been derived to do an embed link in RISE given this situation or a possible way to publish the Captivate file to or load the published file to Review 360.  Hopefully this is more clear.

Crystal Horn

Hi Matt,

Thanks for that additional context - really helpful. If you have the output files from your Captivate projects (typically a zipped SCORM file), you can host them on a web server. As long as access to the course's location is open, you'll be able to use an iframe embed code to add it to an embed block in Rise:

<iframe src="your captivate URL"></iframe>

You won't be able to bring the Captivate source files into an Articulate 360 app, like Review 360. If you don't have another hosting option, perhaps in the interim you can use one of the options listed in this link