Capturing Free Form Information in Rise (xAPI Tin Can Reporting)

Hi There,

We're trying to incorporate a feedback section/acknowledgement section for a compliance course into Rise. Components include:

  • First Name/Last Name fields
  • Yes/No question regarding experiences such as conflicts of interest
  • Free form field to enter comments regarding the yes/no questions

We did a version in SL360 that worked as a standalone, so we incorporated that version into our Rise course as a Storyline block. However, when testing the reporting (xAPI Tin Can) of the Rise course, it was unsuccessful as I understand that it doesn't pick up the answers submitted in the SL360 block. 

Has anyone done anything similar in Rise successfully? 



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Hazel Bartolome

Hi Jennifer! You are correct that the Storyline blocks with question-level details such as question text or student responses aren't sent to the LMS.  I will add this as a feature request. We'll update this thread once we make changes that will help!

In the meantime, a workaround that I can suggest is to embed a 3rd party survey from Google Form or Survey Monkey by using the Multimedia>Embed block.