Capturing results from Web export (self-hosted)

Oct 21, 2020


Are there any resources available to capture quiz results from a self-hosted web export version of a Rise 360 course? Looking to export results to something like AWS Dynamo database or similar. We're hosting on S3 and embedding the course into our web app (app hosted on EC2). Any javascript / css resources would be useful.

There seems to be a page for Storyline 1 but not Rise360 -


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Lea Agato

Hi PJ! Rise doesn’t have javascript support, but you can try creating your quiz in Storyline 360, and use javascript to track completion.  You can insert this as a Storyline block in your Rise course. 

The Storyline 360: JavaScript Best Practices and Examples is a good guide, and you might also want to check out this discussion on Tracking Course Completion without an LMS. Hope this helps!