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I have a career card-sort I'm trying to turn into a sorting activity on Rise.  The students need to put about 50 cards into 2 piles - 'yes' (they'd prefer to use this skill) or 'no' (they do not want to use this skill).  Then I want the cards they put in the 'yes' pile to be compiled on a list they can view.  Even print off would  be great.  See attachment of the PDF of 'Skills' - this has 100 skills, I will shorten it to 50 skills for the Rise activity I'm trying to create. 

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Crystal Horn

Hello, Lisa. The sorting activity will assess whether cards are dropped into the correct category, and it doesn't refer back to which cards were dropped in which categories. I don't think you'll get what you need using just Rise 360.

The good news is that you can use Storyline 360 to create fully custom interactions, and add them to your Rise courses! Do you have experience working with Storyline?

Alyssa Gomez

Hey, Lisa!

I would suggest using a Storyline 360 Dray-and-Drop slide to create this interaction. 

Here's a template that will get you started! This template has 6 draggable cards on the slide, but you could add more and stack them to save space. You can also customize the drop targets to say "YES" and "NO". 

P.S. Be sure Storyline 360 is installed on your machine before opening the template file!


Thanks so much Alyssa for your reply, I really appreciate your promptness. 

I am struggling to get this activity working.  Essentially I want a drag and drop.  I have attached a screenshot of what I've done so far.  Essentially I need to have 50x 'drag' cards (I am trying to make a card sort we use physically now online).  These 50 cards are skills.  I want for the students to be able to put them in 2 piles - a 'yes' and a 'no' pile.

So can you tell me how to add more 'drag' cards.  There are only 6 on the screen. 

Also, rather than seeing all 6 at once, I'd like the students to only view 1 card at a time and put it in the 'yes' or 'no' pile.  Any advice how to do this?

Many thanks for your fabulous help

Alyssa Gomez

Hi there, Lisa! 

Here are a few tips for this drag-and-drop slide:

  • To make the text fit within the card, right-click the card and select Format Shape. On the Tex boxt tab, select Shrink text on overflow.
  • To add more cards, right-click on one card, and select Copy. Then right-click anywhere on the slide, and select Paste. Then, change the text on the card. 
  • You can stack multiple cards on top of each other to create more space on the slide. Simply click-and-drag each card into one stack.
  • I would suggest breaking this interaction into 5 slides with 10 cards each. That way, it will be more manageable for the learner, and easier for you as the course designer! (Hint: after creating one slide with 10 cards, just duplicate the slide 4 more times!)

Finally, build your confidence with Storyline 360 drag-and-drop interactions by watching these tutorial videos! You'll be an expert in no time. 😁


Hi Alyssa

Fantastic - I followed your advice and it worked out great!  Thank you for that. 

I have attached 2x screenshots.  I love the idea of having 5 slides with 10 cards each.  I agree, more manageable for the learner and course designer. 

So I have practiced this using 2 slides. 

However, next you will see on the screenshots, I do not want the cards that have already been dragged (ie in the 'yes' or 'no' piles) to just sit there, with more cards being stacked on them.  I'm hoping those cards that have already been sorted can be compiled into a list somehow - especially the cards in the 'yes' pile.  So then the user has a list of the skills they are wanting to use in their jobs.  Is this possible?  Otherwise the user will have to print (hard copy) a list of the skills - then highlight the skills (cards in the 'yes' pile) onto the hard copy.  What I'm asking, is can this be done electronically? 


Alyssa Gomez

Hi Lisa!

Hmm, that's a tough one. Since you want learners to print their results, I might suggest using a Survey Likert Scale slide instead of a drag and drop. This is what a Likert Scale slide looks like. For your needs, you would have 2 columns of radio buttons, "yes" and "no".

Likert Scale Survey

You could add a message at the bottom of the slide that says, "After making your selection, take a screenshot of this slide to keep a record of the skills you selected."


Hi Alyssa

Great advice, I've had a good look at the Likert Scale and I've decided I want to keep going to see if I can make this Card  Sort work as I feel it would enhance the learner's experience better.  So I am still on the hunt for the course / software that can help me get an output list from a cardsort (i.e. the cards in the 'yes' pile - example the skills a user wants to use in their work).  If you can think of anything at all, I'd love to hear about it. 

I know sometimes cardsorts are used for market research - finding out about people's preferences.  I might have a search there too.

Many thanks