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I can't be alone in using video-driven presentations in some learning products. The issue I'm having is that I want learners to answer a set of questions (T/F primarily) whilst watching a video. The problem is that once they scroll down to question 2 and beyond, their 'watching' becomes 'listening' as the video is no longer visible.

What I'd really like is the ability to stack a set of questions and have them automatically advance in the same space once each question is attempted (nav arrows would also be useful).

Any chance of that?

Many thanks in advance.


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Jeff Forrer

Your request could be done in Storyline and brought into Rise as a whole, but assuming that is not a solution you are looking for.  If you could combine the Rise Quiz Lesson or Quiz Block with other elements such as a Video, then Rise would work here as you wish, but combining these or blocks into one is not a feature.  Window splitting may work but you would need to adjust your HTML after publish, with the Rise piece on one side, and embedded video on the other.

A few suggestions, these depend on your content and what type of testing you are looking for, so they may or may not be relevant. 

  1. Break up the video:  Break the video into smaller clips, show the first clip, then after each clip ask the question you want, then show the next small clip, another question and so on.  With Rise you can have them wait to watch the clip before answering each, or answer right away.
  2. Watch then answer:  This doesn't really give a solution, but any reason you don't want them to watch the whole video, then answer all questions thereafter?  This allows the learner to be responsible for paying attention to the video (letting them know a quiz will follow) and using short term memory to make correct answer selections thereafter.  If they fail, then have them watch it again, allowing them to forward seek.

Again, it depends on what your end goal is with the learner, Storyline would do what you want, but you would need to build that and bring in.

Tom Kuhlmann
Gavin Dudeney


Many thanks for taking the time to reply. I'm trying to avoid Storyline as I want properly responsive materials and rapid development time, and - for this project at least - there is a limited set of interactions needed, and Rise suits perfectly except for this glaring (IMHO) omission. I'm loath to break up the video, as there is a through narrative and it also imposes a watching style on the learners. 

The learners in this case are not necessarily advanced speakers of the language they are listening to, and this makes it difficult to adopt a 'watch then answer' approach, too.

All-in-all, though, I can't see that it would be a huge ask to take one of the 'process' style elements of Rise, and allow us to embed quiz questions alongside the usual audio, video, image, text options.