Certificate Option in RISE

Aug 06, 2017

I've seen quite a few references in the Discussions area to a certificate of completion/completion ceremony being on a planned list of additions to RISE.

At the current time, is there a more exact timeframe as to the status of this/when this should be available? And, would this work with both web only and LMS exports?

Thank you so much!


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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Kristie! 

Thanks for letting us know you're interested in a certificate feature in Rise! We've had some changes in our roadmap recently, and we're still keeping an eye on how in-demand this feature is. I don't have a timeline or specifics on functionality to share at this point, but I appreciate you telling us what you'd like to see!

Donna   Gingera

Another vote for the certificate.


I think it would be worthwhile to poll your client base on this feature, which might help get this feature bumped higher in the development list.  I believe (based on talking with others) that this feature is pretty high on a lot of people's list.

Faye Suggs

The certificate option will be great. Here's why:

1. Some courses don't need to be tracked, e.g. posted on an LMS, but it would be nice if learners can print certificates for completion. An attestation may also work. 

2. There are some competency trainings we offer where we actually attach certificates to the courses that the client creates themselves (in lieu of using the default). So it would be helpful if we can customize the wording as well. Our organization is heavily focused on certificate completions. 

I am looking at using Rise for non-narrated learning modules. 

James Kober

I love RISE, and I love the many things you can do on it. But I'm concerned that this issue of identifying who has completed a course or module is not being addressed. From an instructional and administrator point of view, this is fairly foundational. And I'm not sure that some of the recent bells and whistles recently added are nearly as important as this matter. This has been an ongoing thread for over a year. Is this an issue of priority, or is this an issue of the software design being completely unable to address this, no matter the effort? Please advise us as to your intent to address this matter. If it isn't something you're not ever going to pay attention to, then we can decide to move on and approach a different software platform. But we really need more transparency on this matter. Sincere thanks.