Change picture in Rise on labeled graphics page with a photo from the content library

Jul 18, 2017

Hello, I'm getting acquainted with Rise and I was trying to get markers into blocks. I understand that this is not possible yet. So I started a new course and inserted a labeled graphics page. In this page I see the balloon picture. Now I wanted to change this picture for a picture from the content library. But it seems, sorry if I'm mistaking, that I'm only able to upload a picture from my own files (instead of from the content library)?? Is that correct, or am I missing something?


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Maria Chepulis

I would absolutely love to have this option to change the interactive graphic in particular from the content library. 

Here is an example of how I want to use a stock image with interactivity: I am teaching multiple perspective taking and want to show different people experiencing the same event but perceiving it very differently. Clicking on the interactive  button above different character's heads would let the learner see what a particular 'character' is thinking.  I certainly don't want to use images of our actual staff !

Karl Muller

Hi Maria,

It is possible to replace the default image in a Labeled Graphic with an image from the Content Library.

Select the Labeled Graphic block.

Click the Edit button on the left.

Scroll down until you can see the bottom of the image

Click on the second Edit button that appears below the image.

From the popup, choose Search Content Library.

Select your image from the library.