Changing fonts in Rise

Feb 15, 2017

First project in Rise and first question:

Can you change the font in Rise? I'm seeing a constant serif font and like to use a more modern looking one such as Helvetica or Avenir.

is it possible to change fonts, is the question and if it is, where do you do it?

Many thanks,


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Lawrence Eaton


Thanks for the information. So far, so good. But as always from, one question, grows ten – bit like Medusa’s hair.

Working in an enterprise, our policy is not to put the name of the designer at the front of the module. Rather it is a combination of talents and skills.

Is there or will there be an option to remove the ‘author/ authoress’ from Rise modules, please?



Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Pete, 

Verdana isn't one of the fonts in Rise today, but we've got custom fonts on our Rise roadmap. It's targetted for Q3 '17. The fonts you have in Rise today are shown here:

The Rise logo feature has a fixed size and placement. 

Have you looked at incorporating your logo within your Cover Photo using a photo editor prior to uploading it into Rise? 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Sorry for my confusion, Pete! 

Yes, if you've got the title of the course and your logo as a part of the cover slide image, they will be one on top of the other.  Perhaps you could look at creating a logo file that includes the title of your course? That way you've controlled placement - and I'd recommend previewing it within Rise to ensure elements don't get cut off as Rise is scaling and cropping the photo based on device(s) used.

Pete German

Could I ask if it could be considered as a new feature to be able to move it above because our brand requires the logo to be in the top left, with the way images self-crop on different devices this will be really difficult using the method you described. I would be surprised if other brands you're working with don't have the same issue. Thanks!

Paul Knights

Hi Pete, depending on how brave you are feeling you can change the fonts used in Rise by editing the font.css file in the output folder. Unfortunately you have to do this every time you make a change to the course but its a work around for people who need course to use 'company' fonts for branding purposes.

I might make a quick demo of how to do this soon. 

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