changing lesson counts in Rise

When I build a course in Rise, it counts section heading in the lesson count. e.g. say i start with a section heading "part 1" and then my first lesson is an image and my second lesson is a sorting activity. then i add another section heading "part 2" followed by a video lesson and a process interaction lesson. the navigation button at the bottom of each lesson counts the section headings as lessons. so the image lesson in my example would be #2 and the video lesson will be labeled #5. The lesson numbering includes headings in the lesson count. that doesn't make any sense. section headings clearly are not lessons. i wasn't able to figure out a way around that annoying bug using the customizing options in settings. any suggestions?

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The navigation and counting labels are too restrictive, we need an option to work without lesson counting because we can't handle it properly.

If I need to put an introduction it will automatically be counted as lesson n ° 1, if I put different sections the count does not restart, which seems counter-intuitive.

I need to keep the navigation buttons between lessons but I can't make the numbering disappear or manage it, do something to make it all more logical and more adaptable .. it's easy for you, on our side it complicates things enormously to the point of looking for another more adaptive tool.