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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Laura!

When you exported the Rise 360 course for LMS, did you upload the zipped folder to your LMS? Or did you unzip the folder and make changes to the output?

If you're still getting stuck, we can test the output file on our side to be sure it's working correctly in another environment. If that works for you, you can send it along right here.

Valeria Castro

Hi friends! Is there any solution to this?

We work as well with Cornerstone LMS. I uploaded the training to the platform but then the reviewer ask for a minor change: What I did was only adding two periods at the end of sentences, and then publish the course again, but I'm getting the same error window. 

Crystal Horn

Hello Valeria! Because we could upload the content Laura shared with us to another platform, we recommended that she work with Cornerstone support to identify why it wasn't accepting the updated output.

We can test your output if you'd like to privately share it with us, but I'd also recommend opening a case with Cornerstone.

Daniel Schissler

Apologies for the late response! They did and when I asked what the solution was this was their response. 

In all honesty, there was another way we were able to do it that involved reversioning. I have no idea how she did it but it worked. I tried to watch but she lost me along the way. 😊 You know those to go really fast through screens they know like the back of their hand. 😊 That’s what happened. Finally I just gave up because she fixed it and that’s all I truly cared about.  

I wish there were more details to share but their rep was able to resolve the issue. 

Barbara Testa

To get around this issue we would cut and paste the original manifest identifier into the new immanifest file on this line when doing a non structure modification to Rise courses.

<manifest identifier="HA7vzhyLbTFID13ac0h_lM6uzdAFrV0lkA_c6NQv" version="1.3"

Sadly this fix stopped working about 4 months ago and now we are back to getting a critical error - Changing Manifest structure is not allowed.  Now all we can do is reversion.

Does anyone have a new solution to this issue?