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Crystal Horn

Hello Mhairi!  I can reproduce this behavior in my test course as well, and I can't easily tell why some lessons allow two lines. 

I'm going to document this issue for my team to investigate.  When I have more information to share, I'll be sure to update you here in the discussion.  Thanks so much for pointing it out!

Michael Hardin

Hi Crystal.  Could you tell me why in the "Tabs" block the tab title (which appears to allow two lines) limits the length of the second line based on the length of the first line? 

For example (see attachment).  I had a tab title that displayed "Ratings Below Actual" on the first line and "Limits" on the second line.  However, when I inserted "SOL" in front of the title and it displayed "SOL Below Actual" on the first line, but the second line changed to "Limi...".  It was still a five letter word on the second line, but it replaced the last two letters with three characters (ellipsis).  This seems very odd and undesirable behavior.

Michael Hardin

Hi Ashley.  Thanks for the reply. 

I hope you can share this with your teams as well:  I think another behavior that should be addressed related to this area is what happens when you actually have too much text for the space available.  I have seen in other applications or on websites where if the text is cutoff, they also use ellipsis, but if you hover over the text, a popup appears to display the entire text.  However, I found in my experience when the five letter word was shortened to four letters (plus the ellipsis, so actually lengthened), if you hover over it nothing happens.  Like other applications, I think Rise should present the full text in a popup if it must be shortened in the title.

Chris Fransham

Hi there team

I'm experiencing the same issue as Mhairi here - it seems that the lesson title section allows 46 to 49 characters on a line, but doesn't then display the second line of the title until you reach somewhere between 72 and 74 characters.

As an example, when I type the following:

  • Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscin (49 characters with spaces), it appears all on one line, as per example 1 attached.
  • Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit, sed do eiusmod (71 characters with spaces), it only shows one of the two lines of text at a time, as per example 2 attached (second line not visible - can only be viewed using arrow keys).
  • Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor (78 characters with spaces), it shows both lines of text, as per example 3 attached.

This appears to only be an issue when viewing lesson titles in 'Edit' mode. When I view titles in 'Preview' mode, the full title is visible, as per image 2 attached.

Is this still being worked on?