Choosing a Menu Item while in Mid-Quiz freezes up Quiz


I am having an issue and I'm not sure if it is a setting I'm missing or what. If I'm taking a course that has a quiz and in the middle of the quiz I select something on the menu to review, then go back to the quiz, the submit button is greyed out and I get stuck and cannot progress. This is an issue brought to me by employees taking the course. 

Anyone else have this problem? Can it be fixed by changing the settings?


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Alyssa Gomez

Sorry you and your learners are getting stuck, Jordyn! We were seeing a problem similar to what you're describing, but we released a fix for it in the October 11 update

What this course published prior to October 11? If so, try republishing it, and let me know if that does the trick. 

If not, reach out to our Support Engineers here. They'll take a closer look at your course and help you with next steps.