Chrome Browser Extensions and Articulate Rise

Aug 25, 2021

Hi All,

Some of our users are having technical issues with Rise courses.
When they complete a course, the LMS does not mark them as complete, and when they resume the course, they need to start all over again.

This does not happen to all users, and I was not able to replicate this issue.
Most users can complete Rise courses without any problems.

I ask from one of the users to send me a screenshot of their browser extensions. Do you think it can be related? If not, any other ideas?

I've attached a screenshot of the browser extensions that the user is using.

Thanks for your help!

2 Replies
Chino Navarro

Hi Ziv, I am here to help. Can you ask the user to access the Rise 360 course with a Google Chrome incognito window? If it works fine in that window, a browser extension may indeed be causing the issue. You can ask them to turn off the extensions one by one to narrow down which one is causing the problem.